Cardboard Gift Boxes

Dongguan Gaohua Printing Co., Ltd. is a professional packaging printing box manufacturer and packaging printing box supplier. Professional gift box boutique boxes can be customized with paper packaging. The factory has been established more than 20 years of history and has rich production experience.  In a plant area of more than 12,000 square meters, there is a lot of exquisite equipment. We strictly control the quality of every product we handle.

There are many ways to open the cardboard gift box. There is heaven and earth lid, pull, including magnetic suction and other ways. It can create the surprise effect you want for you, add printing, or a simple ribbon is perfect, even if you can DIY in appearance.

Some materials they do large size are often not stable, or small size and do not form, but no matter the size of the cardboard gift box can be very perfect, most people in considering gifts at the same time will be very important to the gift box. Please enjoy your ideas of gift box design. We will help you one by one to achieve it.

As the quality of life is getting higher and higher, material is getting better and better. For many festivals, we will carefully prepare gifts for each other. The packaging box of gifts is very important.

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