Corrugated Display Boxes

Dongguan Gaohua Printing Co., Ltd. is a professional packaging printing box manufacturer and packaging printing box supplier. Professional corrugated paper this aspect of the display box. The factory has been established more than 20 years of history and has rich production experience.  In a plant area of more than 12,000 square meters, there is a lot of exquisite equipment. We strictly control the quality of every product we handle.

Countertop display boxes can be painted with a soft matte finish for a smooth finish, a high gloss to enhance color, and embossed/deposited to add a premium look and feel to the box.

Cardboard display boxes give your customers a chance to grab your product and get it off the shelves. Cardboard pop display box is an effective marketing solution for product packaging; to provide you with the best marketing support.

Counter display boxes are best for highlighting your products at checkout lines in stores, retail stores, and shopping malls. Display boxes can be customized and ordered in a variety of shapes/styles, sizes and designs.

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