Cardboard Fruit Packaging Box

Dongguan Gaohua Printing Co., Ltd. is a professional Chinese packaging printing box manufacturer and China packaging printing box supplier. In the fruit transportation industry there is a lot of cooperation, transportation of fruit. This kind of cardboard box is very experienced. The factory has been established more than 20 years of history and has rich production experience. ​In a plant area of more than 12,000 square meters, there is a lot of exquisite equipment. We strictly control the quality of every product we handle.

The cardboard material is made of wood particles combined with a special resin design. It is a rigid, uniform material, but not as thick as corrugated material. Its thickness ratio varies from 10 to 100. This means it can be easily formed, cut and folded. Compared to materials such as plywood, particleboard is more popular because it is cheap, cardboard has different densities. The greater the density, the greater the strength.

Because it is light and cheap, as a substitute for wooden boxes, a large number of fruit circulation fields. It is not like other shipping packaging is a single shape, in order to ensure the freshness of the fruit can be changed to different specifications according to customer requirements.

Paper products before cardboard packaging can be folded up for storage and transportation, saving space and reducing costs. Often used in fruit transportation, food transportation and other industries.​

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