Paper Craft Tube

Shenzhen GaoHua Eco Packaging is a professional Paper craft tube manufacturer and supplier. We specialize in high quality paper tubes made from renewable paper materials. With 20 years of experience and exporting to over 30 countries, we provide durable and lightweight paper craft tubes with strong customization services tailored to clients’ needs.

Paper craft tubes provide an eco-friendly packaging and presentation choice for various applications. These tubes are made from craft paper, chipboard or other recyclable paper materials that are non-toxic and chemical-free. Paper craft tubes offer protective enclosures for items during retail, storage or transport. They are also ideal for decorative or display use.

What makes paper craft tubes special? First of all, we source recycled paper stocks that can be converted into tubes with consistent wall thickness and durability. This allows them to contain loose or fragile items. Paper craft tubes can be laminated for enhanced protection. They provide natural insulation and protection from light exposure. Paper craft tubes are very affordable, renewable and environmentally friendly.

Paper craft tubes are widely used by brands, stores, florists and individuals looking for a sustainable tube container or dispenser.

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